Public Comments on Occupational Certificate: Park Ranger Curriculum Documents

Dear Valuable Stakeholder

CATHSSETA has developed the Park Ranger qualification together with the assistance of industry experts. The qualification was pitched at NQF Level 5 with 527 credits.  The credits are made up of the following:

  • Knowledge Modules – 127 credits
  • Practical Modules – 250 credits
  • Workplaces – 150 credits

In order to keep the industry abreast with this initiative and to seek participation in the project processes, we are informing our stakeholders about the public comment on Curriculum Document and also to ensure that the qualification will reflect Industry needs and demands.

We therefore request that your comments be noted on the attached template and as per sections highlighted.

The closing dates for comments must be on or before the 18th March 2020.

Please click here to download the Final Draft Ranger Curriculum and Public Comment Document-Park Ranger.