CATHSSETA joins Netball World Cup Trophy Tour in the Western Cape!

CATHSSETA joined the exhilarating and vibrant netball trophy tour with the President of Netball South Africa, Ms. Cecilia Molokwane, the Western Cape Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport Ms. Anroux Marais, the netball mascot Letsatsi; and local community leaders as they paraded the Netball world cup trophy to the communities of the Western Cape province.

The primary goal of this epic trophy tour was to celebrate the exceptional talent and unwavering dedication of our incredible young players, inspiring them to dream big and believe in their limitless potential. Minister Anroux Marais reiterated this message of self-belief and aspirations each time she graced the podium, igniting a flame of determination among all. Minister Marais couldn’t contain her enthusiasm, expressing, “The Western Cape Government is overflowing with joy and deep honor to receive this prestigious trophy and embark on an exhilarating tour throughout our province, sparking an uncontainable wildfire of excitement for the Netball World Cup!”

The trophy tour ignited electric excitement as it brought together people from every corner of the province, rallying behind our national netball team, The Spar Proteas. The resounding support and unity were truly awe-inspiring, reinforcing the power of sport to unite communities and ignite passion.

The President of Netball South Africa, Ms Cecelia Molokwane who is passionate about the sport has been instrumental in driving the growth and development of netball in South Africa. During the tour, she influenced everyone in attendance with her infectious energy and unwavering commitment.

Cape Town, with its vibrant energy, is buzzing with anticipation as it eagerly prepares to host the Netball World Cup for the very first time on African soil. While all the electrifying matches will take place in Cape Town itself, the organisers are determined to involve the entire province in the build-up and tournament. To achieve this, various municipalities have united to create sensational fan zones and viewing centers. These venues ensure that communities across the province can experience the live matches, completely free of charge, right in the comfort of their own neighborhoods.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there! CATHSSETA has dedicated itself to training an exceptional team of 300 volunteers who will play a vital support role during the World Cup. These remarkable individuals will be responsible for ensuring that the event is run smoothly, by assisting all delegates who will partake in the games.

Ms. Lebogang Mpye, Executive Manager for Learning Programmes, emphasises that training these volunteers for such an auspicious event under CATHSSETA aims to extend their professional development and empower them with invaluable skills that transcend beyond the Netball World Cup.

This initiative presents a unique opportunity for volunteers to gain hands-on experience in the volunteer skills programme. Through comprehensive training programs, immersive workshops, and practical exercises, CATHSSETA is determined to equip these individuals with transferable skills that will undoubtedly benefit them in their future endeavors.

CATHSSETA’s commitment to the development of these volunteers reflects our dedication to the growth and empowerment of individuals within our broader community. This initiative aligns with our new vision, “Skills needs met in each sub-sector to drive economic growth by 2030,” driving us to meet the skills needs within our subsectors and fostering sustainable economic growth.

As we eagerly anticipate the fierce competition and historic moments, we stand united in support of the Spar Proteas. The Netball World Cup on African soil is a milestone that we’re proud to witness, and we’re confident that our home team will make us all proud. Together, let’s rally behind our players, igniting the spirit of victory and bringing the trophy home!

Let the countdown begin!

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