It has been identified that workers in the education sector are high economic contributors at high risk of COVID-19 infections and therefore qualify for priority vaccination in Phase 2 rollout. Owing to this, we have received an urgent request for all CATHSSETA staff and Accredited Skills Development Practitioner to submit information as requested in the attached Excel Sheet.

The purpose of this exercise is to:

  1. Secure the number of required vaccines for your institutional staff per accredited location;
  2. Map each accredited location with the closest Department of Health (DoH) vaccination centre;
  3. And assist further with the allocation of required vaccines to the vaccination centre.

Please note the following:

  1. Anyone with a scheduled appointment for vaccination must continue and not wait for this process.
  2. The rollout of this strategy is dependent on the timeous submission of the information requested.

The vaccination priority rollout plan is a collaborative effort between the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET), the Department of Health, Higher Health (HH), SETAs, QCTO, NSF and Indlela.

More information about this project, please click here.

Please submit your information to before 16 July 2021.


CATHSSETA invites applications for Strategic Projects Funding for stakeholders and legal entities who fall within its scope.

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The closing date for submission of applications is 9 August 2021.


Dear Valued Stakeholder

Due to the rise of the COVID-19 infection cases and the new Delta variant that is spreading rapidly, CATHSSETA has put in the following measures to assist with minimising the spread of the virus:

  • CATHSSETA will no longer be accepting hard copies for Industry funded learner agreement. This exercise is to minimise physical contact between CATHSSETA and its stakeholders.
  • The learner agreements will be loaded on the CIMS system.
  • Validation and approval of the learner agreements will be done on the system by the Learning Programmes Unit.
  • Once the learner agreements have been uploaded on the CIMS system the Learning Programmes Unit will validate and approve on the system.

We urge our stakeholders to forward copies of their non-CATHSSETA qualifications electronically via We Transfer or Drop box to Ms Priscilla Mahlangu on

Please note that no stamping will be done at this stage because the approved Declaration of Intent (DOI) will be sufficient as proof of registration.

Kind Regards,

CATHSSETA Communications and Branding