Support for British Council I-Work Project

Dear Stakeholders please refer to the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) communique about I-Work Project. DHET seeks the input of Skills Development Facilitators on A21 Digital Guidelines which can be accessed on the following platforms:

I-Work Project

Dear Stakeholder

Please note that the Occupational Certificate: Cook qualification has been registered. The qualification has two (2) part qualifications i.e. Kitchen hand  and Food Handler

The qualification replaces the following unit standard based qualifications;

Qual ID Qualification Title Min Credits
73296 Certificate: Culinary Arts 120
73289 Certificate: Food Preparation and Cooking (Culinary Arts) 120
73295 Certificate: Food Preparation and Cooking 120
14111 National Certificate: Professional Cookery 145
14112 National Diploma: Professional Cookery 267


The qualification can be viewed on the link below

We urge all training providers to check the last date for enrolment and achievement for the abovementioned qualifications.